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Samsung's Debut Participation at ISH 2023 Yields Prestigious “Design Plus powered by ISH” Award for the EHS Mono HT Quiet Heat Pump

“Our week at ISH exceeded all expectations! It facilitated interesting dialogues with our customers and industry peers and helped us further nurture these important relationships. We’re honored to have received the coveted Design Plus powered by ISH award for the EHS Mono HT Quiet. This recognition validates our unwavering commitment to providing future-ready, innovative solutions for the market. As demand for fossil-fuel alternatives continues to rise, the EHS Mono HT Quiet offers a highly relevant solution, especially for the retrofit market. We remain resolute in our dedication to develop products that prioritise our customers’ changing needs, as well as the heating sector’s ever-evolving landscape.”

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe to showcase award-winning, future-ready solutions for the first time at ISH 2023

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE) will be participating for the first time at ISH 2023 – the leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, where they will offer a comprehensive showcase of heat pump solutions, including their award-winning high temperature heat pump - the EHS Mono HT Quiet, the newest EHS Mono R290 range and other innovative products and digital services.

Where creativity, entrepreneurship and disruption collide: Introducing the Media Program Class of 2019!

Earlier this year, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam announced the launch of its flagship Media program. Proudly done in collaboration with our partners Veronica Ventures, RTL and Moon Ventures, this new accelerator initiative will focus on startups that are impacting the future of the media industry. By bringing together key industry players, high potential startups, expert mentors and investors, this program will play a crucial role in building and nurturing the Media innovation ecosystem in the Nethe

20 Mistakes Startup Founders Make

"Over the years, through Startupbootcamp we have invested in over 600 companies (mostly startups and scale-ups but also full-grown enterprises). In this process of being an entrepreneur, working with entrepreneurs and supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, I’ve learned and experienced many do-s and don’t-s of starting and scaling up a company. It is always much easier to catch yourself doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, rather than trying to remind yourself about something that you should be. Using our experiences, we want to help innovators and entrepreneurs navigate through the ups and downs of starting a company. "

LIFAS: A ‘corporate-startup’ in the startup jungle

Lifas was one of the 12 teams that presented on the big stage, during the recent FinTech & CyberSecurity (FTC) 2019 Demo Day. They aren’t your usual startup though – this team, made up of co-founder Anneke Funk and Marian van Bruggen, is what we call a corporate-startup.

Their journey began with an innovative idea that evolved after PGGM (one of the largest pension services providers in the Netherlands), held their first moonshot campaign in 2018. (Wondering what a moonshot campaign is? Think o

Paving the way forward into New Frontiers - The FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019

We rode the Waves of Innovation and navigated the Winds of Change. Now we’re standing at the edge of New Frontiers – and, we’re paving the way forward!

This third cycle of the Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity program was one for the books. We kicked off Final Selection Days together with the second largest pension fund in the Netherlands, PGGM (and what a great collab that was!). We included a corporate-startup-venture into our cohort (Lifas, a team from PGGM). One of the cybersecurity s

Inside the FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019 - Swascan

Next up, our “inside” look into Italian startup Swascan. Their solution is the first all-in-one, Cloud & On-Premise cybersecurity suite and GDPR risk assessment platform that allows users to identify, analyse and solve vulnerabilities and security issues related to websites, mobile apps and web applications, networks and source code.

Interestingly enough, the conception of the idea behind this startup (right down to the actual logo, drawn on a napkin!) sprouted about 2.5 years ago, when four gr

Inside The FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019: Bits

In the lead up to Demo Day, we’ve been sharing a series of stories that put the spotlight on some of the startups in Startupbootcamp Amsterdam’s 3rd cycle of the FinTech & CyberSecurity program. This next piece hones in on Bits, an investing technology company on a mission to make the (ever-enigmatic) millennial generation, the most investment savvy generation in history.

This one gets a little interesting because Bits, a US-based startup, originally entered the program as Emcee, a ‘paying it f

Collaboration VS Collision: What Does it Take, to Unlock Successful Corporate Startup Collaboration (CSC)?

Corporate Startup Collaboration is becoming a centrepiece of modern day innovation. Large corporations have significant market reach and brand power, but often aren’t as nimble as startups when it comes to disruptive, technological breakthroughs. Startups are light on their feet and innovate rapidly – but don’t possess the same reach and access to markets or customer networks like their corporate counterparts.

Set to this context, a collaboration between the two, when successful, can be a win-w

1.25M € in 8 days - The Soisy Story

Soisy, one of the startups in the 2019 Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity Program in Amsterdam has raised 1.25 million € in just 8 days since their equity crowdfunding campaign on the 200crowd.com portal had started. This is the highest sum ever collected by a FinTech company through a crowdfunding campaign and a great milestone for Soisy. We caught up with the company’s co-founders: Pietro, Andrea, and Marco, for a quick interview to find out how they got to this point, what lies ahead, an

Startupbootcamp embarks on building an innovation program within the field of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the front and center of technological innovation. From deep-learning theory, to automated machine learning, AI has a massive potential to reshape society as we know it. Undeniably, the world has entered into a new era ruled by data. From a business perspective it is clear where the potential lies: enterprises everywhere can now make faster decisions that could give them that real-time competitive advantage.