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Empowering Innovators #1

Listen to this episode from Empowering Innovators on Spotify. How does Capgemini tackle internal innovation, as the market evolves and technology advances rapidly?In the first episode of ‘Empowering Innovators’, Patrick de Zeeuw, Co-founder of Startupbootcamp speaks with Elias Ghanem, Chief of New Technology and VP FinTech Europe at CapGemini, a professional services and business consulting corporation.Capgemini is currently a partner with Startupbootcamp in programs running in both Amsterdam an

How can we drive efficiency within Smart Cities?

Listen to this episode from City of Tomorrow on Spotify. A city is considered smart when its stakeholders proactively work towards solving problems and creating solutions that provide value to its citizens. The consensus is that if you’re driving efficiency, you’re driving value. Smart technologies can make our cities more efficient - for example, by using IoT solutions. But, as everything becomes increasingly connected, it is important (especially for companies) to think about what (and how) th

Can we make cities more sustainable by adding more technologies?

Listen to this episode from City of Tomorrow on Spotify. The huge inflow of people into cities has spurred a unique set of issues - it has a tremendous effect on air and water quality, waste-disposal, energy consumption and more. When so many people are living in such close proximity - you can only imagine the effects it has on the population and the cities they live in. This is one of the reasons why the United Nations has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As population density grow

How does a Smart City impact your security and privacy?

Listen to this episode from City of Tomorrow on Spotify. Our cities are becoming increasingly crowded. Over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas - a proportion (according to the UN) that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. With the growing density of people living within cities, how is the security and privacy of citizens affected? What is the impact of having so many connected, IoT devices in a city? And, how aware are we as a society, when it comes to infrastructure threats -

What are the 10 Pitfalls of Smart Cities?

Listen to this episode from City of Tomorrow on Spotify. What are the pitfalls you should avoid when building a Smart City? When you think of Smart Cities - you think of connected, digital utopias where the usual daily hassles are minimised by the power of data and technology. Today most cities around the world are aspiring to be a ‘Smart City'. But how do you get there? How do you truly become a Smart City and by the way, what is a Smart City? In the last couple of years, there have emerged man